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Poll: How should Cayman reform health care coverage?

How should the Cayman Islands reform health care coverage?

Health insurance giant Generali pulls out of Cayman

Generali Worldwide, one of the largest providers of health insurance in the Cayman Islands, is pulling out of the market.

Almost 1,000 get health insurance support

Just under 1,000 displaced Caymanian workers have received assistance through government's Health Insurance Premiums Payment Assistance Programme, Health Minister Dwayne Seymour has confirmed.

Seymour: health insurance assistance to restart

Government will be starting a new round of its Health Insurance Premium Payment Assistance Programme, Health Minister Dwayne Seymour has announced.

Healthcare, judicial costs require additional government funding

Government’s decision to pay full health insurance premiums to CINICO has resulted in the need for additional funds for the budget years 2018 and 2019.

Insurance companies: Premium invoices submitted to government

Health Minister Dwayne Seymour and the Cayman Islands Health Insurance Association have sought to allay concerns that people who have applied for government assistance in paying health insurance premiums are adequately covered.

Care kits for parents of sick kids

Insurance company BritCay launched an initiative this month to help families of sick babies and children being evacuated to seek urgent medical care overseas.

Health insurance profits overstated

Figures suggesting Cayman health insurance providers are making annual profits in excess of $50 million may have been overstated, new data from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority shows.


Today's editorial cartoon.

Elderly health insurance survey deadline extended

The deadline for opinions on how the Cayman Islands can better meet the healthcare needs of older people has been extended to Monday, April 30.

Health insurance forum to be held

The Jamaican Consulate and the Health Insurance Commission will hold a public meeting on health insurance Tuesday evening at the George Town Town Hall.

Public sector losing $38.5 million on health insurance costs

Cayman Islands public sector entities will lose a combined $38.5 million over the next three years, largely because the government insurer expects to pay much more to cover future healthcare premiums for uninsured residents.

Health insurance enforcement ‘suffers’ from underfunding

Cayman’s health insurance regulator will receive one additional inspector shortly, but senior civil servants acknowledged that will not solve the beleaguered agency’s troubles in keeping up with demand in a growing local healthcare industry.

Beneficial ownership, lawyers’ rules up for debate

Long-awaited, controversial changes that will have a profound impact on the Cayman Islands financial services industry will be on the agenda next month in what is likely to be the final Legislative Assembly meeting of the current Progressives-led coalition government.

Cabinet: No health insurance fee increase this year

Cabinet announced Thursday that it would not increase the minimum fees that health insurance companies pay for procedures after fewer than 10 doctors responded to government requests for financial information. A consultant’s report on healthcare costs recommended fees paid by insurance companies be increased by 12.3%.

Work permit applications will require proof of health insurance

Starting next year, employers will have to include a certificate of compliance for health insurance when applying for or renewing work permits, including any temporary permits lasting longer than 30 days.

Health coverage not mandated for employed spouses

Cayman Islands employers – including the government service – are not required by the local Health Insurance Law to provide healthcare coverage to employed spouses of island residents, Health Insurance Commissioner Mervyn Conolly said Saturday.

Cayman budget plan cutting it close

The next Cayman Islands government budget is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the Legislative Assembly on May 30, about a month before local law requires approval of the spending plan.

EDITORIAL – Healthcare debts: The $1.18 billion must be accounted for

Sometimes, the bad news simply cannot be relegated to a footnote, but needs to be blared out in all capital letters, right across the top of the front page.

Civil servants deny agreement reached to end free healthcare

The Civil Service Association has strongly denied that any agreement has been reached to end the policy of free healthcare for government workers.

Government ‘double charged’ itself on healthcare payments

The Cayman Islands government has been “double charging” itself in relation to payments made on behalf of those who cannot afford healthcare coverage.

May deadline for seafarers’ and veterans’ benefits

Seafarers and veterans, and their spouses, who are receiving government benefits, have until May 31 to update their information with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Public meeting to explain new Trade and Business License Law

The Ministry of Financial Services is hosting a public meeting Thursday night to explain the requirements of the new Trade and Business Law.

EDITORIAL – Opting out of public healthcare

It’s official: Not even the government wants to be locked into the government’s healthcare system.

HSA employees do not use gov’t insurance

A number of Cayman Islands public authorities, including the Health Services Authority, do not maintain employee health insurance with the government-run Cayman Islands National Insurance Company.

EDITORIAL – Selective prosecution isn’t justice

The government should not endeavor to “make an example” out of a single person, while refusing or being unable to enforce the law in a uniform and universal way.

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