Care kits for parents of sick kids

BritCay Health Manager Lamar Haynes, right, and Leo’s Legacy founders Rich and Maya Lewis, third and fourth from left, present evacuation kits to Cayman Islands Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Paediatric Unit staff, from left, Sue Doak and Kerry Bennett-Reed. The packs will be available to all families of babies and infants facing evacuation from the Cayman Islands Hospital, regardless of insurer.

Insurance company BritCay launched an initiative this month to help families of sick babies and children being evacuated to seek urgent medical care overseas.

The kits were designed by Rich and Maya Lewis, a couple who know firsthand the challenges faced by parents whose children require emergency care abroad. The Lewises’ son Leo had to be evacuated off island when he was just three days old.

“Finding out that your child is so sick that you need to leave the country in a matter of hours is incredibly upsetting. It’s a situation no parent ever wants to find themselves in,” Maya Lewis said. “In a short space of time you have to pack and think of everything you might need to live in another country for an undefined period of time. It’s terrifying.”

With that in mind, the ‘Leo’s Legacy’ kit contains some basic essentials, as well as a packing list and a hand-written letter of support from the founders. “We just want people to know that they’re not alone, to stay strong and that we understand what they’re going through,” she said.

The couple applauded British Caymanian Insurance Company Limited (BritCay) for ensuring that their own evacuation process went smoothly. “We were pretty confident that our policy would cover all of the costs of the evacuation and Leo would be able to get the medical help he needed, at one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals in Miami,” Lewis said.

Both parents said in a press release that they are now thrilled to have partnered with the insurer to offer this additional level of support.

A close-up look at one of the kits.

“When we heard Rich and Maya’s story we were immediately moved to assist,” said BritCay Health Manager Lamar Haynes. “This is a wonderful initiative and we’re happy to put our support behind it. While no parent wishes to face what Maya and Rich did, we hope this will help remove some of the stress involved for those who unavoidably find that they need evacuation services.”

The packs will be available to all families of babies and infants facing evacuation from the Cayman Islands Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Paediatric Unit from this month, regardless of insurer.

As well as the packing list and hand-written card from Leo’s parents, the packs contain a USB charging cord, notepad and pens, basic toiletries including toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and face wipes, $100 Uber eats voucher, a water bottle, granola bars and a tote bag.

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