ICCI recognized for academics, receives British accreditation

College receives British accreditation

ICCI students Ashleigh Josephs, Nicholas Ross, Cashema Rankine, Haniff Wilson, Sharmori Richardson, Kristie Archer and Shannon Whorms celebrate the new accreditation.

A British agency granted the International College of the Cayman Islands accreditation last month, adding a second international seal of approval to an existing accreditation from the United States.

The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities award recognizes ICCI for its standards in teaching, student welfare and management, among other factors.

ICCI President David Marshall said the new accreditation can open up the college for international exchange programs and global partnerships with other institutions. “It’s a really significant win for our students,” Mr. Marshall said.

Mr. Marshall said he has heard from employers that they want students entering the workforce to have more experience and understanding outside of the Cayman Islands. “Students need more exposure to how business works overseas,” he said, and this accreditation can help them get it.

The school has inspectors from a separate U.S. accreditation agency visiting next week to examine ICCI’s business program.

Mr. Marshall said the U.K. accreditation is different from the U.S. because the British agency looked more at student welfare, assuring they received value for the money they spent on tuition and the marketing materials and promises made to incoming students matched the education and experience of attending ICCI.

The agency commended ICCI for its academics and adjusting programs based on student feedback.

“I am honored to be a part of ICCI at this wonderful time. As students, this allows us a bigger opportunity to get accepted into other schools abroad. I think it will help with jobs too because employers look for graduates from schools that are recognized globally,” said ICCI Student Council Representative Sharmori Richardson in a press release.

Founded in 1970, ICCI received its first accreditation from a U.S. agency in 1979.


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