Man pleads guilty to ganja with intent

Charge against female companion withdrawn, dismissed

Two people arrested in Windsor Park last Tuesday for possession of approximately 100 pounds of ganja appeared in Summary Court on Friday morning. At 4 p.m., another defendant arrived, facing the same charge plus possession an unlicensed firearm.

In the morning, Jason Orlando Arek Hydes pleaded guilty to possession of the ganja with intent to supply.

Crown counsel Scott Wainwright said the weight of the ganja found at Hydes’ residence was approximately 100 pounds, with a street value in excess of $100,000.

After Hydes’ guilty plea, Mr. Wainwright withdrew the same charge that had been laid against a female who had been arrested with Hydes at the Windsor Park premises. Magistrate Valdis Foldats dismissed this charge and extended her bail.

Mr. Wainwright indicated that the Crown would look at another charge against her relating to a small quantity of ganja.

The woman, 20, did not live at the house where the police recovered the ganja. The magistrate told her to return to court on Nov. 29 and not leave the jurisdiction meanwhile. She is represented by attorney Prathna Bodden.

Hydes, 30, was remanded in custody until the same date. He was represented by attorney Crister Brady.

Late Friday, Rueben Hesmer Hydes was brought to court on charges of possession of an unlicensed firearm, possession of ganja with intent to supply, simple possession of ganja, and failing to provide a specimen for drug testing.

Rueben, 33, is the brother of Jason and has the same address.

Ms. Bodden told the court she had received no documents for the case. She said she did not know if the firearm had been tested to see if it was real or an imitation. She did not make any application for bail and this defendant was also remanded in custody until Nov. 29.

A press release issued by police last Thursday stated that the police raid on Tuesday that led to the arrests had involved officers from the Drugs Task Force, K-9 and uniform, as well as the Air Operations Unit. The fourth person arrested, a man aged 22, was bailed by police.

The release reported that substances believed to be ganja and cocaine were found, along with a firearm and ammunition.

There was no mention of cocaine or ammunition on Friday afternoon, and no such charges on Friday morning.

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