Fire crews responded to an electrical pole fire at a section of Kirk’s Home Centre on Bodden Road, George Town, around lunchtime Wednesday.

A small crowd gathered to watch as police blocked off Bodden Road and fire crews waited for a Caribbean Utilities Company work crew to arrive to cut the wires leading to the back of the building where the store stocks and sells its doors and windows.

Fire personnel stood by and ensured the flames did not spread to nearby structures until the CUC workers arrived. No injuries were reported.

According to firefighters, they could not actively fight the flames due to the electricity running through the power lines.

A CUC work crew cut the burning wire leading to the building and doused the flames with a fire extinguisher.

Cayman fire crews were on scene for less than an hour.

Kirk’s doors and windows building and lumber yard building remained without power by mid-afternoon Wednesday. Kirk’s main store was not affected.

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