11 year sentence for Rum Point home invasion

William David McLaughlin-Martinez, 39, was sentenced to 11 years for robbery after being found guilty by a unanimous jury verdict Thursday in relation to a home invasion in Rum Point in which elderly tourists were robbed.

During the robbery, which occurred around 6:15 p.m. on Jan. 11 this year, a 77-year-old man was reportedly punched in the face. The items stolen included jewelry, watches, an iPad and iPhone, together valued at $33,190, plus several thousand dollars in U.S. currency.

Martinez had told the jury he rode his bicycle from Bodden Town to a residence where he had done some work previously. The plan was that if the house was unoccupied, he would pass the information on to a man he knew as “Boom,” who would burgle the premises.

He said it turned out that the house was occupied, so he thought that Boom would go into another house; instead, Boom went into the house where an elderly couple and their helper were. Martinez stayed outside as lookout.

During the incident, the male homeowner suffered a serious injury to his face. That led to a charge of causing grievous bodily harm, but Dame Linda Dobbs instructed the jury to return a verdict of not guilty on that count because of insufficient evidence.

The women present, ages 76 and 61, were not injured in the robbery.

No other charges have been made in relation to this case.

Read the full story in Monday’s Compass. — Ed.