Brac’s airport reopened over the weekend to commercial jet services after a replacement fire truck arrived from Little Cayman.

The airport had been open to small aircraft only since a fire truck flipped over on the runway about two weeks ago, causing the temporary closure of the facility.

Air safety regulations require at least two fire trucks to be on standby for a jet to be able to land, meaning all scheduled jet flights had to be canceled or re-routed through Grand Cayman until the replacement truck was shipped to the Brac.

The transfer had been delayed due to rough seas.

Chief Fire Officer David Hails said, “We shipped a larger fire truck from Little Cayman to Cayman Brac, as the jet carries significantly more passengers, and then shipped a smaller fire truck, that will provide adequate fire cover, back to Little Cayman.”

“It’s unfortunate this was delayed for over a week due to rough seas, but I am extremely pleased the vehicles were moved safely and successfully by Thompson Shipping between Thursday and Saturday [Jan. 19-21], enabling category 6 status to be restored on Saturday night.”

Two firefighters were injured in the Jan. 5 accident.



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