50 years ago: Taxicab group’s dance

In the Feb. 1, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, news from West Bay included:

“A jolly evening was spent at Club Inferno by the 350 people who attended the dance arranged by the Taxicab Association last Saturday. Music was provided by the Mashyiannes and the transport arrangements were much appreciated. Gross proceeds were 92 pounds.

“The funds raised on this occasion are to be put aside with a view to starting a small bus service in the near future.

“The Association expresses thanks to all those who patronized them on this occasion.”

In the same issue, West Bay correspondent Leila Yates wrote:

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“Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Ebanks were made very happy on Jan. 24 by the arrival of their only child, Bailey, from New York. He left here in 1945 and has never returned. He is a widower and lived in New York but has decided to make Cayman his home again. Mr. Garland Scott arrived the same day from S.S. Ore Mercury.

“Mr. Vibert Hydes arrived on Jan. 22 from New York. His little niece, Rose Marie, came with him. She lives with her father in New York and is doing well in school there.

“Dr. Dolman Parsons celebrated his 82nd birthday on Dec. 21, and still keeps going as usual, taking care of his own cultivations.

“A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Andal Ebanks on the 23rd weighing 6 1/2 pounds.

“Mrs. Melba Groves returned home on the 24th from Miami. She visited Nassau with her son Joe, who works on the S.S. Miami, and reports an enjoyable trip.

“Miss Wilbur Lee Range celebrated her 11th birthday with a party in New York on Jan. 24.

“Master Richard Welds, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Welds, had an emergency appendectomy on the 23rd. He is convalescing at home and doing well.

“Miss Charity Powery, daughter of Ursela Powery, celebrated her 11th birthday on Jan. 12.

“The Women’s Guild held a cottage meeting on Jan. 24 at Batabano for Miss Lettice Jackson, who has been a polio victim from childhood and unable to attend Church Services. Rev. Coke gave an inspiring talk which, with everything done in songs etc., was highly appreciated by Miss Jackson.

“Departures for the weekend for the U.S. were: Mrs. McCanley Ebanks, who was here on a visit; Mrs. Urselena Barrell, who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida; Miss Joy Ebanks, to visit her sister Jane in New York; Mr. Connie Ebanks for Puerto Rico, to join S.S. Coreo of National Bulk Carriers.

“On Jan. 28, Miss Carolyn Ann Bodden, daughter of Mrs. Enid Bodden, became Mrs. John A. Jackson in a quiet ceremony performed by Rev. R. Coke at his home. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jackson.

“The bride was given in marriage by Mr. Dudley Parsons. Her sister, Marilyn, was her only attendant, and Mr. Fred Jackson, brother of the groom, was best man. The immediate families were the only witnesses. A reception was held at the home of Mr. Ernest Jackson for the bridal party.

“A shower was held on the 29th and she was the recipient of many lovely gifts.

“A quiet wedding was solemnized at the home of Rev. Fred Jacobs in Jamaica, with him officiating on Jan. 22, when Mr. Eugene Ebanks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ebanks, took as his bride Miss Bertha Ebanks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stowell Ebanks. They returned on the 27th. A shower was held the same evening at her sister’s home, at which she received many useful gifts.

“Mr. Cedric Bodden arrived from Venezuela on the 28th from S.S. Corco.”

“Miss Ardyth Bush arrived on the 27th from Miami, where she visited for 10 months.

“Messrs. Fred Ebanks and Wilbur DaCosta left on the 29th for jobs in the U.S.”

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