50 years ago: Overseas tourism entourage takes in the Brac

In the February 1, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, news from Cayman Brac included:

“On the 13th the Spot Bay Primary School marked the coming graduation of scholars eligible for the Secondary Modern School with an impromptu programme and refreshments. Miss Joan Hughes and Mrs. Lillian Ritch were guests. Mr. H.O. Morris the headteacher asked Mrs. Ritch to address the graduates and she spoke on ‘Firsts.’”

In the Jan. 24 edition, Brac Correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“Christopher McCoy, 1966’s first Cayman Brac baby celebrated his birthday on the 12th with a party given by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Samson McCoy of Spot Bay.

“A very warm welcome was accorded the six travel agents who visited Cayman Brac on the 16th. The District Commissioner Mr. D.H. Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Foster of the Buccaneer’s Inn and a goodly number of citizens among whom were Messrs. Aston Rutty, Britton Grant, Olney Scott, Ernest Foster, Cat. R.C. Foster and Mabry Kirkconnell, Mrs. Sheila Ritch and Mr. and Mrs. C.Y. Briggs, met them at the airport. While we made acquaintance, refreshing punch was served and the Beach Boys Band entertained. Beginning with Harry Belafonte’s ‘Island Woman’ as the visitors disembarked they gave a lively programme of calypso music which the visitors obviously enjoyed. Mr. John Thrash, who accompanied the guests, thanked everyone for the exceptionally very warm welcome.

“The District Commissioner, Mr. C.Y. Briggs and Capt. Mabry Kirkconnell and Mrs. Grace Foster took the visitors on a tour of the island after which there was a very pleasant buffet luncheon at the Buccaneer’s Inn. This was made more enjoyable by the exchange of impressions. Host Capt. R.C. Foster extended a welcome in his open, vigorous style and was well supported by Messrs. D.H. Foster, A.S. Rutty, C.Y. Briggs, Holland V. Williams of Buffalo, New York (a guest of the Inn and an old friend) and Mrs. L. Ritch. Speeches emphasized our efforts for expansion, the stability of our government, our appreciation of visitors, and our need for better air services and our new growth in education. Particular praise was given to Capt. Foster for his vision and leadership in bringing about tourism.

“Messrs. Ralph Goberna and Ted Handelman replied on behalf of the guests. The cordial welcome and gracious hospitality they said was most unexpected and will always be remembered. Our sincerity of greeting deserved sincerity in reply, said Mr. Handelman and he offered the thought that our future lies more with us than we think.”

“The principles of self help which through drive and willingness to work and gathering together of our resources has brought us thus far, he encouraged, will enable us to lick the transport problem. On behalf of all, they said the morning had been a most interesting interlude in their trip, was most enjoyable because unexpected, and they thanked all for the great impression we made on them.”

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