50 years ago: Capt. Sam Parsons pays a visit after 40 years

In the March 1, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, news from West Bay included:

“Capt. and Mrs. Sam Parsons, who were both born in West Bay, returned on the 12th to spend a surprise holiday with relatives here. They had heard so much about the island and its development and progress that they wanted to see things for themselves. They are both pleasantly surprised because they have found even bigger and better charges than they had ever anticipated. Having been everywhere they have both seen more of the island on this visit than when they were living here.

“Capt. Sam took his first trip to the U.S.A. in 1915 on a small boat and from 1918 has sailed on American ships, having become a citizen.

“The last time he left the island was in January 1927, just 40 years ago, and has been residing in the U.S. and going to sea for many years. He is one of the very few Master Mariners who holds an Unlimited Licence for sail, motor and steam vessels and was Master of Steamships for Texaco Inc. for over 20 years. He retired as Commodore (Senior Master) of the Texaco Fleet on July 1, 1961. For the whole of World War II he was transporting aviation gas to Britain, a hazardous and dangerous task to say the least.

“His wife left here in 1933 but returned for a few days when her father died in 1946. Capt. Sam is double first cousin to the Honorable T.W. Farrington and his wife is double first cousin to Mrs. Farrington.

“When one considers that there were practically no roads to the eastern districts when the Parsons’ left Cayman, it is not surprising that they have seen so much more of the island on this trip.

“We wish them all that is good as they return to the U.S. and trust that it will not be so long before they come to Cayman again.”

In the same issue, West Bay correspondent Leila Yates wrote:

“Arriving home recently have been Mr. Osbourne Barnett from New York, where he resides, and his parents; Leighton Bush from his job with National Bulk Carriers; Rev. John Croft from Barbados; Edroy Hydes from Jamaica, where he received medical aid; and Capt. and Mrs. Vibert Parsons from the U.S. after a few months’ visit. Capt. Parsons has built a lovely home and intends to reside here again.

“P.C. Creswell Powery left on the 25th for Jamaica. He will be taking six weeks’ special training at a motorcycle course.

“Mr. and Mrs. Denby Groves celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary on the 18th. They received some nice gifts.

“Mrs. Rivington Powery returned from Jamaica where she obtained her legal visa for the U.S.

“Messrs. Ansley Hydes and Ansley Parsons left on the 26th for jobs in the U.S. after a long vacations at home.

“Private Elvy Eddington Ebanks sends greetings to his friends and would like them to know he is serving in the U.S. Army. He is stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. He went there from Fort Rucker, Alabama, where he studied to be a helicopter mechanic. He is at present a machine-gunner on a helicopter which is used for patrolling. He likes his new job a lot. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Ebanks.

“Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ebanks of New York, a son weighing 6 pounds.”

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