Legislators consider older persons policy

An older persons policy before the Legislative Assembly outlines a vision for legal protections and community infrastructure that would support Cayman Islands residents over age 65.

The policy, proposed by Minister Osbourne Bodden, outlines a 20-year framework to address the health, community and legal barriers that affect the quality of life of older people.

The policy builds on protections established for Cayman’s children and draws inspiration from the U.N. Principles for Older Persons.

“This policy will increase awareness of older persons’ needs and bring their concerns to the forefront for action in any national strategic development for the Cayman Islands. Equally important, this policy will advocate for older persons to remain independent, feel secure, receive appropriate care and continue fulfilling dignified lives,” the 65-page policy document says.

Policy suggestions were developed as a result of committee and community consultations. One goal will be to establish a board of older people to guide policy affecting them.

Among highlighted issues are lack of education and training opportunities, violent crime against older people, social isolation, lack of public transportation, mental and physical health problems and poor nutrition.

The assembly approved the policy’s second reading on Feb. 27.

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  1. This sounds comforting for the older persons of our Island but it still seems like a strategic promise to fools. Why cant the minister come forward and say what will enhance the lives of the elderly, instead many words that they have to be asking what does it mean. Why cant he bring before the LA and have it passed that the elderly $550.00 will have an increase effective now before election. I bet you will not hear that.
    Why can it be passed and legal that the elderly only pay a dollar $1.00 to travel on the busses any where on the island.
    Why cant it be passed and legal that the elderly have special waiting lines at all businesses.
    Why cant it be passed and legal that the elderly residents of the district of Bodden Town have a retirement home in this district. Our elderly stay at the pines in George Town because the Old people home up in Bodden Town was given to persons to make dolly house, being locked up, and only opened once or twice a year, and half a million dollars spent on it with a quarter million dollar road access that is closed and opened once a year. It was all a political waste of money..
    As big, speedily growing as this district Bodden Town is, you want to tell me that the Minister Bodden could not see fit that we have an old peoples retirement home up here. We had one, and he allowed it to be utilized as a dolly house for a chosen few. Shame, Every other district has one. Of course Bodden Town has nothing; Nothing at all, and we do not want to hear any election campaign promises or candidates coming out of the wood work saying I will do this and I will do that. Get them started before May 24th.