Edgewater Group will begin construction in April on an eight-unit housing development in Governors Harbour.

The Residences at Magellan Quay are planned for completion in spring 2018, the project’s developer said.

Edgewater President Kris Bergstrom said the duplex project is aimed at mid- to high-end buyers.

“Our idea was to create an opportunity for people who can’t necessarily afford to be on the water but, however, would like to be in a neighborhood such as Governors Harbour. So we’ve located properties and invested in that,” Mr. Bergstrom said.

Each lot will house two single-family homes, with prices starting at $879,000. The 3,500-square-foot properties will each have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen and a privacy wall.

Mr. Bergstrom said the project also caters to potential buyers who are increasingly interested in convenience.

“A lot of people are uncomfortable with the cumbersome process of finding a piece of land, finding an architect and then finding a way to locate a contractor and manage the whole process. It has become extremely stressful. So we take care of all the in-betweens,” he said.

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