Amber McMillan, riding Joe, took first place in Section B Dressage and Sections B and C Combined Training, and Freya Timms, riding Star, was first in Section C Dressage in the third leg of Cayman Riding School’s Combined Training League on Saturday in Savannah.

In the Best Presented Horse and Rider category, Kayla Godwin, riding Harry, and Juliette Forrester, riding Apollo, shared first place.

The Combined Training shows are a combination of a Dressage Test followed by a round of Show Jumping.

Cayman Riding School

The school has expanded over the past few years and now has about 35 horses either owned by the riding school or boarded by private owners, a press release states.

“Whilst we have a lot of riders who want to compete, that is not our main focus,” said Tracey Surrey, the school’s owner and riding instructor. “We have riders who just like to come along, learn the basics and ‘hang out’ with the animals. So long as they stay safe and have fun, that is our main goal and we therefore feel it very important that we offer riding programs available to riders of all levels.”

The next show is scheduled for Sunday, May 14. The public is welcome to attend, and entry to the event is free. For more information, email Tracey Surrey at [email protected] or visit

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