Driving permits

It has been puzzling me for several years as to why we do not have a facility at the airport for visitors to purchase a visitor driving permit.

There are thousands of people who come here yearly to visit friends and family and who may wish to drive a car but not necessarily hire one. Encouraging some, I am sure, to drive without the permit, hence break the law and deprive the country of income.

To wait in line for hours, and believe me, it has been hours, at the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing takes valuable vacation time.

Many countries allow this application online also prior to a visit.

It would definitely improve the visitors’ experience.

I have tried asking the same question of the ministry but had no response.

Jan Robshaw


  1. Good idea Jan.
    One can get a visitor permit ata rental car agency, but only if you are renting a car from them.

    How about allowing them to sell permits to non renters with a small service fee?

  2. Jan Roshan , very good suggestions for improving the visitors experience to the Islands. But there’s many reasons / issues for not being able to purchase a drivers license at the Airport. Can you still purchase a drivers license at a car rental company?

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