Cayman college footballers shot in US

Two young Caymanian footballers were shot and injured while on spring break vacation from their college in the U.S.

Joshewa Frederick and Kevin Foster were sitting outside a friend’s home in Los Angeles when a gunman opened fire on Monday.

Frederick was hit in the foot and Foster’s hand was injured. A third Caymanian soccer player, Jamal Seymour, was with them but was not injured in the shooting.

Ernie “Gillie” Seymour, Jamal’s father and a local soccer coach, said the boys’ injuries were not serious.

“The reason he shot at them, nobody knows. They weren’t in any confrontation, they were just sitting in the yard talking. None of them knew this guy,” he said.

He said he was thankful the incident was not more serious.

“It was a little scary, but this is the way of the world now,” he said. “I can’t say it is just in America because it happens in Cayman too.

Kevin Foster, seen here playing a match in Cayman in 2014, was shot in the hand Monday in Los Angeles.

“It is just unfortunate that they were in that place at that time. We are all so thankful because it really could have been so much worse.”

The three students play soccer for Northwest Kansas Technical College. Mr. Seymour said he had spoken to his son on Tuesday and that the boys were safe and heading back to college Wednesday.

He said the injuries would not affect the football careers of the boys. Mr. Frederick recently accepted a scholarship to play Division One soccer for Longwood University in Virginia.

Mr. Seymour said, “He will be able to play again in a month’s time.”

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