Medical insurance provider BritCay agreed Tuesday to reinstate to clients its coverage of all healthcare services at Health City Cayman Islands.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after BritCay said it would only reimburse cardiac care at the East End hospital due to contractual concerns. The insurer now intends to reinstate full coverage at the facility, starting April 17.

Health City publicly opposed BritCay’s initial attempt to limit coverage, citing concerns for patient welfare. Hospital officials indicated the insurer’s original announcement, made March 29, came as a surprise to them.

Amid the controversy, BritCay parent company Colonial Group sent its chief operating officer for health Naz Farrow from its Bermuda office to meet with Health City representatives in Grand Cayman.

BritCay and Health City said in a joint statement that the talks were productive. Britcay indicated it would change course on its March 29 announcement.

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“As of Monday, April 17, BritCay will allow policy holders to access all healthcare services, covered under their plan, with Health City,” the companies’ statement said.

“The two parties met, along with the Health Insurance Commissioner, to work together to ensure that people continue to receive the best quality healthcare available. It is anticipated that more discussions will be held between BritCay and Health City to ensure there is a continuing collaborative relationship in the future.”

Colonial and BritCay executives were expected to meet with BritCay clients Wednesday morning to discuss service at Health City and address any outstanding questions.

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  1. I think it is about time, Companies Private and also the Government realize that the people of Cayman is not blind folded any more. They are speaking up, standing up and have decided that they are fed up and not taking any foolishness any more. Nothing isn’t happen yet, just wait until after the election. So my suggestion is that everyone endeavor to do the right thing and have it all lined up correctly or be challenged.

  2. I think that BritCay got enough flack from the public that changed their mind . I think that the Islands needs another Insurance company or Government need to sit down and have a talk with BritCay .

  3. It was a poor decision. I was never affected but am very happy they have changed their mind.
    One only need to look at the recent horror with United Airlines to realize how hard it is for some companies to back down.