DVDL announces Rules for collecting, using new license plates

Starting next month, the Cayman Islands Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing will begin issuing new electronic license plates, and there are a few pointers the department has for new plate recipients.

For the 2,400 or so drivers who now have temporary “paper” tags on their vehicles, the department notes that those temporary tags must be brought in, along with the vehicle logbook and windscreen coupon when the new electronic licenses are installed. The department anticipates replacing all 2,400 temporary tags in May.

For the remainder of the currently licensed vehicles, their old metal plates will be replaced with the electronic ones starting in June, or whenever the vehicle would normally be required to renew its registration.

Anyone licensing a new vehicle after May will be required to pay the typical $75 fee for the license plates and all other registration fees.

The new electronic plates will be issued at all three DVDL locations: George Town (Crewe Road); West Bay (Reverend Blackman Road); and the new South Coast Plaza in Breakers.

The department advises customers that both front and rear license plates must be installed on the vehicles.

The new windscreen coupons must be installed in the center of the screen inside the vehicle. The coupon must be fitted directly below the rearview mirror.

The department said it would issue an instruction manual for drivers receiving the new plates.


  1. The DVDL is already bursting at the seams with members of the public lining up for hours as so accurately depicted in yesterday’s Compass cartoon. We are now going to gave an additional 104 customers per day for the whole of May, how will these be accomodated?. I can only surmise there will be a lot more skeletons in evidence. There will also be further delays after May as the remainder of licenced vehicles are issued with new plates over the coming 12 months.

  2. Initially, getting any information of this new program from DVDL was difficult, now it’s vague. The report indicates that “anyone licensing a new vehicle after May will be required to pay the typical $75 fee for new license plates”. Is The Compass able to ascertain from DVDL if there is a cost for new plates when re-licensing a vehicle which is currently registered – not a new one? I seem to recall an earlier press release from DVDL indicating that owners would not have to pay the cost of new plates in such cases? That would be a most pleasant (but unlikely) wonder!!

    Could DVDL clarify, please?

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