A long-standing injunction holding up completion of the Linford Pierson Highway expansion has been lifted, the National Roads Authority has confirmed.

However the court order does not end the impasse between the NRA and the Cayman Islands Equestrian Centre.

The NRA is part way through construction on the first phase of the road widening project between the Silver Oaks roundabout and Agnes Way to four lanes. But it still has to officially gazette the route and submit plans for the second phase of the project to complete the expansion. Until now it had been prevented from doing so by a court injunction in 2001 after legal action from the riding school.

NRA board Chairman Donovan Ebanks said, “The Grand Court did lift the injunction that has been in place since 2001. It remains to be seen what other action the property owners will take. We are not expecting that will be the end of the process.”

Mary McTaggart, who runs the Equestrian Centre, declined to comment.

The Cayman Compass understands the riding school will have the option to legally contest the project again once the route for phase two of the road is officially gazetted.

A group called Friends of the Equestrian Centre late last year gathered 1,209 signatures on a petition calling on government to alter its plans for the road to avoid cutting through the equestrian center.

According to the petition, “The Equestrian Centre has been operational for 25 years and was established long before the first two lanes of the highway were constructed. The Government now wants to run four lanes of traffic over this property. This would make it impossible for the Equestrian Centre to operate safely and the island’s longest standing riding school and pony park will be forced to close.”

Mr. Ebanks said the NRA is currently focused on completing phase one of the project and would await the election of a new government before moving forward with phase two.

“We will be reporting to a new minister after the election, so we are going to complete phase one by the end of the summer. Any decision on phase two will be made in the couple of months after the election.

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