50 years ago: Family Week and a pro-bunkering stance

In the May 10, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Floris McCoy wrote:

“Coming in to Bodden Town this week was Mr. Henry McCoy from West India Lines Co., Mr. and Mrs. Ransford Terry and Mr. Marcus Thompson whose ship called in. Also Mrs. Richard Arch and her little daughter and Mrs. Beryl Bodden, all in from Miami.

“Leaving for Jamaica was Miss Andrea Solomon for a few days’ vacation.

“Mrs. Grace Whittaker and son Carlos left for New York. She will be seeing her children but will not be staying too long. We wish all of them a pleasant trip.

“On Tuesday night there was a get-together of the Bodden Town Citizens’ Association.

“The evening began with a group singing, followed by a film showing the Queen’s West Indian tour in 1966. This film was good and those of us who did not go to Jamaica felt fortunate to have seen all the outstanding events of the great occasion.

“On Friday night a shower was given in honour of Miss Ella Mae McCoy. Ella Mae was very surprised on receiving some rice thrown on her.

“She fell right in and started opening her many valuable gifts. She will be exchanging marriage vows with Mr. Andrew Carter on the May 17 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Goldwyn Welcome at East End.

“This is Family Week and it began on Friday at the Church of God with a film entitled ‘Strangers in the House.’ Tuesday night there was a social at the Town Hall, on Wednesday, a skit at the chapel, Thursday visitation, Friday 7:30 p.m. discussion will be led by the probation officer, Mrs. J. Hylton. All who can are welcome to attend.”

In the same issue, a letter from Bob Soto refuted the claims of a previous writer opposing a proposed bunkering project in Grand Cayman.

“First I would like to say that I have been a second engineer for seven years with National Bulk Carriers of Super Tankers. In this capacity it was my responsibility to take Bunkers of fuel in ports throughout the world, including places with beaches. Namely Aruba, one of the largest refineries in the world is located just a short distance from the tourist resort on the island.

“I have never seen a drop of oil on the water around these locations, also I am sure hundreds of our seamen can testify to the same.

“I have supervised the unloading and loading of millions of gallons of Bunker C fuel and also crude oil and have never experienced any spillage.

“I think that this bunkering facility will be a great asset to this island as it will employ 30-40 persons in various capacities, namely, tug boat captains, engineers, mates, deck hands, pilots as well as personnel working in the shore plant. Also it will open up an outlet for seamen when ships call here shorthanded …

“I urge all Caymanians to stand up and be counted now in favour of this bunkering facility which can only serve to open up new opportunities for all Caymanians.”