Postal/mobile ballots deadline is Friday

Cayman Islands voters who live overseas or who need the Elections Office to come to them in order to cast their ballots have until the end of the day Friday, May 12, to apply for postal or mobile ballots.

Postal votes are available to Caymanians who are registered to vote but who expect to be off island on May 24, Election Day.

Mobile ballots are for individuals such as the elderly, infirm or disabled who are unable to go to the polling locations.

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell said Wednesday that 388 postal ballots had been issued and that his office had received 177 requests for mobile ballots, well more than the number sought in the 2013 election.

Voters who will be away from the Cayman Islands on Election Day may request a postal ballot by filling out Form B, available at, and email the completed form, along with proof of travel plans, to [email protected]

Those who will be in Cayman but unable to attend the polls may apply for mobile voting using Form C, also available from Elections Office polling staff will visit applicants in person, or facilitate their vote before polling day at an early voting station.

More Caymanians are registered to vote this month than ever before in the island territory, with 21,226 people on the final voters list. That is about a 15 percent increase in the number of voters who were registered ahead of the May 2013 general election, the most recent one held in the Cayman Islands. It is a nearly 40 percent increase over the 15,163 people registered for the July 2012 constitutional referendum on the one man, one vote process.

The May 24 election will be the first in the territory since the 1950s under the one man, one vote single-member constituencies arrangement. Voters in Cayman’s 19 districts will be able to choose just one candidate on the ballot.

According to the Elections Office, the largest voting district, Bodden Town East, has more than three times the number of voters (1,513) than the smallest constituency, Cayman Brac East (484).

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