Cayman security firm launches in US

The Security Centre Ltd., which has its regional headquarters in Cayman, has branched out to a location in the United States to target new markets.

The company’s U.S. operations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, aim to serve security requirements of government and commercial businesses throughout the southeastern U.S.

The expansion comes after more than 20 years operating in the Caribbean with its regional headquarters in the Cayman Islands and additional offices in Bermuda and the Bahamas.

Security Centres International is the international arm of the company and employs more than 700 full-time staff.

“Plenty of international companies come to set up in Cayman – but we’re proud to be a Cayman company growing internationally into the U.S.,” said Group President Stuart Bostock. “There aren’t too many examples of that so we’re delighted to represent our home country in a bigger market.”

The company will focus on delivering a range of security offerings, including surveillance, CCTV and border control systems; access control and building management; corrections services; as well as behavioral analysis and screening.

According to Mr. Bostock, the business will also capitalize on a new growth area in the security space. “We have a multidisciplinary team of security experts and we have the capability to provide tailor-made solutions.

“One exciting growth area that we’re launching is our own bespoke aerial and underwater unmanned, surveillance systems designed specifically for each client’s unique requirements,” he said.

Based on its drone services, SCI (USA) will provide clients a complete end-to-end data capture solution, the company said.

In the past, the Security Centre has overseen a portfolio of international projects, including the National CCTV Systems for the governments of the Antigua & Barbuda, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, as well as electronic security projects in Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Guyana and Panama.

Charles Wood, vice president of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, said, “Our region serves as a very successful base of operations for dozens of international companies, and we’re excited to see SCI grow in Chattanooga.”

Later this year, The Security Centre plans to exhibit at the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, Texas, which will host some 23,000 attendees showcasing products and services from more than 550 of the world’s security industry innovators.

The company was also accepted as a member in the PSA Security Network. The electronic security cooperative is responsible for more than $3.5 billion annually in security, fire and life safety installations.

“We are pleased to announce that SCI is PSA’s first Caribbean member and is rapidly becoming one of our major purchasers of security equipment for export to the Caribbean,” said Ric McCullough, vice president, sales and customer service for PSA Network.

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