Students and staff at Shining Stars pre-school spent Friday morning celebrating the many different countries and cultures of the world with an international parade day.

Filled with laughter and busy chatter, students and teachers donned traditional clothing unique to their countries, waved flags, played music and marched around the school with parents and family members.

Vice Principal Karien Odendaal said it is not the first time they are doing the parade of nations.

“We want to teach them the geography … we have children from a variety of nations here and so that is why we wanted to do the international parade.

We also wanted to teach them that not all children come from the same country and have the same culture,” said Ms. Odendaal.

The special education class showcased traditional wear from countries such China, Jamaica, Cayman, the U.S., the Philippines and Honduras.

According to Principal Lorraine Stuart, the pre-school opened in 2012 and operates for full-time and part-time students under the Cayman Islands early childhood curriculum.

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