Twenty students from Cayman Academy graduated last month at a ceremony at the Marriott resort.

Valedictorian Nickayla Graham delivers her address at the commencement exercise.

Valedictorian Nickayla Graham encouraged graduates to continue to achieve their dreams: “We will not always succeed immediately, but that doesn’t matter because a lack of success only becomes failure when you give up without trying. It is natural that our dreams shift and change with time, but we are always better for having pursued them.

“Graduates, never follow anyone else’s path because you create your own destiny,” she said.

Salutatorian Joelyn Scott told fellow graduates and attendees on June 25 that success does not depend on fancy cars, big houses or large big bank accounts.

“It is quite the opposite,” said Ms. Scott. “It is inward riches, not outward prosperity, achieved through educating ourselves on what it takes to make us whole.”

She appealed to classmates to “put on the helmet of confidence, bravery and determination” to face the future and to follow their “unique drummer.”

Salutatorian Joelyn Scott speaks at the commencement exercise.

Keynote speaker was Cayman’s Chief Education Officer Lyneth Monteith.

The Adventist-run school ended the school year with an enrollment of 329 for both its high school and primary divisions, a press release states.

Pastor Eric Dannie Clarke speaks at the consecration ceremony.

“Notably, the school has historically enjoyed an enviable 95 percent pass rate in external examinations, with the recently announced results for the 2016 class being no exception,” the release states.

The ceremony ended with presentation of awards, with Ms. Graham receiving eight academic and other awards and Ms. Scott receiving 11 awards for her dedication, hard work, sportsmanship and involvement in the school community.

On June 24 the school held a consecration service, at which the keynote was delivered by Pastor Eric Dannie Clarke, president of the North Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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