Cayman Brac artist arrested for ‘obscene’ sculptures and artwork

Cayman Brac artist Ronald “Foots” Kynes was arrested Tuesday for the alleged “obscene publication” of sculptures and artwork.

Mr. Kynes, 63, had erected four sculptures featuring several nude women, some of whom are locked in embraces, as part of what he described in a Cayman Compass story this week as a tribute to gay rights and the right to choose.

A police press release issued late Tuesday afternoon did not name Mr. Kynes, but stated that a 63-year-old man of Cayman Brac had been arrested “under Schedule 1 of the Criminal Procedure Code (2017 Revision) in relation to the suspected breach of Section 157(1)(a) of the Penal Code (2017 Revision), also referred to as obscene publication.”

The statement continued: “The arrest was in relation to sculpture and artwork he had exhibited.” A later press release clarified that the sculpture and artwork had been “on his property that is in plain view of the public.”

Mr. Kynes was taken into custody and later released on police bail.


  1. So Michael Angelo along with many other artists we hold in high regard should be condemned for creating nude statues and paintings according to the Hypocritical Brackers. This is a travesty.

  2. In recent story Commissioner Byrne is reported to have said, ‘The RCIPS now has fewer officers on staff than it did 10 years ago.’ Which would seem to be all the more reason not to waste resources on childish complaints like this. Don’t RCIPS have enough real crime to investigate?

  3. Small-town mentality….and a police and criminal justice system that is in place to support it.

    Since the establishment of a human rights regime and laws in the Cayman Islands…there has never been any type of review of some of the archaic, colonial-era laws still on the books that are in violation of some of the human rights laws.

    And those human-rights laws have never been totally enforced either.

    Pornographic images which are outlawed in print and other means in Cayman are totally available on the internet to anyone who wishes to access it.

    Has anyone checked into what these people who have harrassed, accused and had this man arrested, looking at on their computers and other devices ?

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