Letter: Gov. Cardinall would have been delighted

Looking for information about my great-uncle “Dick” (family name for Sir Allan Wolsey Cardinall, Commissioner, Cayman Islands 1934-1940) I came across your article bylined Editorial Board, July 7, 2016 entitled “Britain’s emissaries to Cayman.”

It was absolutely wonderful to find that Britain and its governors, of whom my great uncle (he was my grandmother’s brother) was one, are still, in the 21st Century, so appreciated – well, the good ones are! Thank you so much.

I have visited the Cayman Islands twice, both times, sadly only fleeting visits on cruise ships.

The last time I was there was in about 2013 when I met and was taken round by a lovely lady (a journalist/photographer whose name now escapes me, I am afraid) who pointed out your Cardinall Avenue in George Town. The book, “Founded upon the Seas” which I bought in your Museum Shop is now a treasured possession.

Once again, thank you, all of you Cayman Islanders for appreciating the work of people like my great uncle.

I am sure he would have been delighted.

Gill Trayner (Mrs.)

Liphook, Hampshire, England

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