Police bail for Cayman Brac artist Ronald “Foots” Kynes has been extended until Sept. 6 following his recent arrest for “obscene publications.”

The artist was detained by police on July 18 after refusing to remove a series of nude sculptures, displayed on his property and publicly visible in Cayman Brac. He said police gave no explanation for the bail extension.

The art installation in question has driven fierce community debate over its depictions of homosexuality and religious iconography. Mr. Kynes maintains that the works intend to spread a message of love, nonviolence and the right to choose.

“That day I was arrested, I went along with the flow and would love to see a picture of my mugshot. I’ve got a happy little smile on my face. I’ve done no wrong,” Mr. Kynes said.

The artist said he has been subject to years of harassment by police and community members critical of his work.

“All of this foolishness and stress is the hardest thing on me. They’ve been after me for years,” he said.

Mr. Kynes said he plans to sue the Cayman Islands government for his arrest. He hopes the lawsuit will deter police from intervening in artists’ works in the future.

“I’m filing suit against the Cayman Islands government and I am going to seek a serious amount of money. I am going to ask for punitive damages,” he said.

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