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$2 million annual spend for government sports staff

The Cayman Islands government currently spends around $2 million per year in salaries for physical education teachers, instructors and coaches employed by the Ministry...
Empty deckchairs at the Kimpton Seafire hotel lie empty.

Cayman facing ‘humanitarian crisis’ with expats

Thousands of expatriate workers have lost their jobs and may be stuck in Cayman as many countries close off their gateways back home.
House Speaker McKeeva Bush

House Speaker issues apology over alleged assault

House Speaker McKeeva Bush has broken his silence on allegations that he assaulted the female manager of a local bar saying that he felt that he was in danger at the time.

AT&T to change ‘tax professional’ ad

US telecom giant AT&T has said it will change its advertisement depicting the Cayman Islands in a negative light.

Gov’t asks AT&T to stop running ‘tax professional’ ad

The Cayman Islands government writes telecom giant AT&T to cease and desist from using an advertisement painting the Cayman Islands in a negative light.

Government: We need enhanced cargo port

Government makes its case for upgrades to Cayman’s cargo port which was opened in back in 1977.

Premier: Port referendum “uncertain”

Premier Alden McLaughlin has said the 19 Dec. referendum is now uncertain given the legal action taken by the National Trust.

National Trust, CPR Cayman letters warn of intended legal action

The National Trust of the Cayman Islands and CPR Cayman have advised the government of their intention to seek judicial review over the 19...

Revised cruise berthing facility plans released

Developers: revisions 'significantly reduced' impact of the project Government on Wednesday released detailed plans showing the updated design of the new cruise and cargo port...

McLean: 19 Dec. ‘worst possible time’ for referendum

Opposition leader Arden McLean says government’s scheduled referendum date of 19 Dec. is the “worst possible time” to hold the historic vote.

Premier: ‘Let’s get on with it’

Premier Alden McLaughlin says he is confident government will prevail in the referendum over the $200 million cruise and cargo port project. He defended the...

Campaign group calls for record turnout at referendum

Campaign group Cruise Port Referendum Cayman has welcomed the publication of the Referendum Bill and called for Caymanians to turn out in record numbers...

Charge it

Today's editorial cartoon.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

Full statement from Cayman Islands government

“The Cayman Islands Government is deeply aggrieved by the acceptance of the UK Government today of an amendment to the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill in the House of Commons.”

285 to receive sports honors on Heroes Day

The Cayman Islands government will honor 285 people for their contributions to sports in the islands on National Heroes Day, Monday, Jan. 22.
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Spend the people’s money wisely

More and more lately, I hear the sad cry, “Let us end hunger in Cayman for good.” Well, that sounds good. That led me to investigate just how the people really live.

EDITORIAL – Time for reflection: How does our civil service see itself?

In recent years, the idea of “engagement” has become a sort of philosopher’s stone of managerial alchemy – a one-size-fits-all metric for everything from boosting customer loyalty to teaching early literacy to fostering a productive workplace.

EDITORIAL – A ‘needs assessment’ of our welfare services

The Cayman Islands are on a troubling economic and social path that if not corrected, will lead inexorably to a social welfare state. We are already far down that path, and there are few comforting signposts along the way.

Police Bail extended for Brac artist

Police bail for Cayman Brac artist Ronald “Foots” Kynes has been extended until Sept. 6 following his recent arrest for “obscene publications.” The artist was detained by police on July 18 after refusing to remove a series of nude sculptures displayed on his property.

Brac artist ‘Foots’ plans lawsuit over arrest

Cayman Brac-based artist Ronald “Foots” Kynes plans to file suit against the Cayman Islands government for his arrest Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of “obscene publications.”

Cayman’s finances discussed at London meetings

The Cayman delegation to London met on Thursday with Miriam Sachak, head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Economics and Financial team, to discuss the island’s finances.

BREAKING: PPM-CDP coalition forms … again

It’s Premier Alden McLaughlin and Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush … again.
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Gov’t appoints first head of internal communication

Aubrey Bodden has been named chief internal communication officer for the Cayman Islands government.

Government’s ‘surplus’ does not count debt payment

The Cayman Islands government will achieve a much smaller budget surplus during 2017 than it has in each of the last three financial years.

EDITORIAL – $1.7 billion health debt: The public sector crisis everyone saw coming

Hear that train whistle off in the distance? A $1.7 billion locomotive – representing the Cayman Islands government’s healthcare liability – is approaching, slowly but inexorably.

Cayman’s healthcare liability grows $500 million in two years

The future amount the Cayman Islands government estimates it will have to pay to provide retired workers and other citizens with healthcare coverage has grown by an estimated $500 million in two years.

New electronic license plates to be issued in May

New electronic license plates will be issued starting next month, about three months later than the Cayman Islands government initially planned.

Human trafficking focus of Cuba, Cayman Islands talks

Cuban officials and the Cayman Islands government met in bilateral talks last week to discuss migration between the two island nations.

EDITORIAL – Cayman ‘Confidential’?: You be the judge (Pun intended)

This latest “error” is not the government’s first display of carelessness or recklessness in sharing what should be confidential information.

Government hit with $24 million in unexpected added costs

The Cayman Islands government was required to spend an extra $24 million in largely unanticipated, supplementary costs over the past two fiscal years.The expenses were detailed by Finance Minister Marco Archer in a statement to the Legislative Assembly Friday.

Minister: No new draft of lawyers bill

Although the Cayman Islands government still intends to pass a version of the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill, it will not propose entirely rewritten legislation for this month’s Legislative Assembly meeting.

Financial reports improve, despite ‘adverse’ audit

An “adverse” audit of the Cayman Islands government’s entire public sector financial statements for 2014 and 2015 actually represents an improvement from years past, Financial Secretary Ken Jefferson said last week.

Ship owner accepts liability for Eden Rock damage

The owner of the cargo ship that ran into Eden Rock reef two weeks ago has accepted liability for damage at the site, according...

Nearly 600 get Christmas cleanup work

About 22 percent fewer people have been registered for the Cayman Islands government’s Christmas cleanup program this holiday season compared to the 2015 cleanup effort.

2017 last year for ‘free’ healthcare, says minister

Discussions on how much Cayman Islands civil servants must pay in monthly healthcare premiums will be completed by the end of the current government’s 18-month budget period in December 2017, Finance Minister Marco Archer said Thursday.

Three-year immigration delay in residency case could cost government

The Cayman Islands government could be forced to pay damages following an immigration challenge filed by a local accountant who waited three years for his permanent residence application to be heard.

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