Spend the people’s money wisely

More and more lately, I hear the sad cry, “Let us end hunger in Cayman for good.” Well, that sounds good. That led me to investigate just how the people really live. After I checked the many areas of our island, including the Pines Retirement Home, I find that our people are in a pretty bad shape.

Examples I have found have shocked me, like a Caymanian mother of three, two girls and one boy, living in a horrible state – no food, no water, no fridge, no transportation and no stove. I could not believe what I found next: A place in George Town, our capital, where a family lives in a place that is unfit for humans to live, with the septic leaking in the yard. An old man, his two daughters, the daughters’ children and others living there with them. This property is as old as from the days of limestone walls.

The money that the Cayman Island Government receives for the Cayman Islands and its people is not being spent properly. We need to take care of our people first in all ways – not spend money foolishly, like to fix coral you cannot see with a water glass.

Why does our government treat our people so very badly and treat outsiders better than Caymanians, even with employment of our own places, borders and ports?

If you pay more attention to the real need of our people, we would not be looked at by so many now as hungry, jobless, worthless beggars on our own country’s soil. Although we do not have control of the country’s money to do what is right for our people, we are all willing to help, for the members of government do not have all the answers. If they had, we would not have hungry people, joblessness, and worse for all my people.

We must look at the funds that are turned over from the banks to government. We are not hearing about this money at all. These funds should be used to help our people directly, like with proper housing, assisting Caymanians with land, farms and more.

Government must wise up and put our people first. Do you hear their cry for a better way of life? We have the money to do just that. Northward Prison cannot hold all the people that will turn to crime  – people who are losing their homes, people with families to feed, people that come out of jail with nowhere to go and no job, people that come out of school without a proper education, no house, no land, no plan and no real help or direction from government, with a lot of others that are already on social services.

We need to pay better attention to our people – not just our Caymanian people. Even people from the outside world are here with us in hard poverty. Employment, education, upliftment, betterment, happiness and respect – these are some of the things affecting the Cayman people.  We must demand to live better, and that we come first always on these islands.

I would like to know why so many of our Cayman children are failing in school and come out of school uneducated and unable to enlist in a tech-school overseas, with the bill being paid by government instead of paying $70,000 to house him in Northward prison.

We need to support our children more and give them better chances to have a good trade and be internationally educated. Our people have worked so hard in the past to bring Cayman to where she is today. In these times of plenty, our people must live better in all ways.

Emile S. Levy

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