Concerned about unhealthy behaviors

I am a down-to-earth Caymanian and I love my island to the moon and back. Over the years I’ve seen honest people come, work extremely hard and build a future for their families. I am truly happy and proud of them.

On the other hand, I’ve seen others come with their dirty habits to help destroy my island. They sit all day long, sell lottery, ganja, alcohol and play loud vulgar music, until late late hours in the mornings. They don’t respect God or man. Every day is the same for them.

I am tired of the loud dirty music, pounding the airwaves of my community and rattling my windows. The “fish fry” label is just another way to have a late night session (party). These type of parties open up your community to all sort of ailments.

Why do we have to change everything to accommodate everyone who chooses to live on our island? Can we go to other countries and dictate to them? Can we do as we feel in another man’s country? No, we can’t. So why are we allowing others to come here, dictate to us, and destroy our little heaven on Earth?

Please remember this, some of these people are running from conflicts, noisy cities, overcrowded countries, lack of opportunities and the whole nine yards. But, yet they come here and reinvent the same old unproductive lifestyle, which would eventually create the same situations they were running from in the first place.

Should we sit back and continue to allow the unhealthy behaviors? I say no, enough is enough.

I will stand up for my island. Will you? Leave something CAYMAN KIND.

Dorline Welcome

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