$2 million annual spend for government sports staff

The Cayman Islands government currently spends around $2 million per year in salaries for physical education teachers, instructors and coaches employed by the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands.

According to a Freedom of Information request, submitted by the Compass, the exact figure is between $1,921,656 and $2,584,428 for 39 staff who are paid annually. The FOI did not specify civil servants’ exact salary, but listed the range.

Top earners are 22 PE teachers, who receive annual salaries of between $54,504 and $73,296. The salary is the same regardless of the type of school in which these sports teachers are employed; seven work in primary schools, 12 are employed in secondary schools, two in special schools and one as a specialist BTEC teacher for sport.

In the ministry’s annual report for 2017-2019, the Department of Sports listed eight focus sports – athletics, basketball, cricket, football, netball, squash, volleyball and swimming – where it concentrates the majority of its financial resources. This is borne out by the FOI, although funds are not evenly allocated across each of these sports.

While there are specific roles for a track-and-field coach and assistant basketball coach (both paid between $48,816 and $65,664), there are seven general sports instructors (three making from $43,812-$58,920 and four paid a salary range of $35,880-$48,288).

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Swimming has the highest number of specialist staff, including an assistant swimming instructor ($35,880-$48,288), three swimming instructors ($39,612-$53,244) and a senior swimming instructor ($48,816-$65,664).

The FOI response also specified a dedicated schools sports coordinator and a women’s sports coordinator, as well as a sports coordinator role. They are all paid from $35,880-$48,288.

One member of the sports’ staff under the ministry receives an hourly wage of $14.28-$15.78.

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  1. Does not sound to me like any of them are over paid. They are teachers and are paid an average salary for a teacher. The only question is are they all needed and that should be answered by the professional educators running the schools

  2. “The exact figure is between $1,921,656 and $2,584,428”, surely this is a classic oxymoronic statement. Taking the higher figure as a guess, this works out at $$66,267 per employee. The swimming instructors are all paid less than the P.E. teachers, but their results in the Carifta Games have been in a different league to our track and field athletes, and that is putting it politely.