Deadline for immigration survey ends today

A survey to gauge the level of service offered by the Department of Immigration ends at midnight, Friday, July 28.

Participants who cannot or do not want to participate in the “Process Improvement Project” survey online can use a paper version, according to a government press release, which stated that the survey is available at the Department of Immigration headquarters.

The survey was issued as the “first step of the project, with the main goal being establishing a National Human Resources Department,” the statement read.

Premier and Minister for Human Resources and Immigration Alden McLaughlin said in the statement, “We want to know how the DOI can better assist all customers and stakeholders who use their services. This is your opportunity to help guide government as we work to create a sustainable delivery model for the entire organisation.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, around 600 people had taken part in the online survey.

Chief Officer for the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration Wesley Howell said, “We want to ensure everyone has an opportunity to provide their input. So, for someone who may not have the resources to access the survey online we want to hear from you this … Friday, because this is your time and platform to express the changes you want to see.”

To access the online survey, visit:

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