Adventist churches prepare for regional summit

Event will be held in March 2019

Cayman’s Adventist churches are planning for a regional summit in Grand Cayman in March 2019.

A meeting of churches at the Walkers Road Kings Church on July 29 was in support of the regionwide “Lord Transform Me” initiative, which was started locally in January 2016.

Lord Transform Me, organized in phases over five years, aims to inspire and motivate church members to forge and strengthen personal relationships with God and develop their talents in the service of God, their church and the wider communities, according to a press release.

Pastor Jeff Jefferson and Elder Joshua Lawrence led the planning drive at the Kings Church.

For the March 24-31, 2019 Cayman summit, nine inter-American division Lord Transform Me leaders, along with delegates from churches in this area of the Caribbean, including Cayman, Turks and Caicos, and the Bahamas, are expected to attend. Similar summits are being organized in selected countries.

The event will be organized in nine centers on Grand Cayman, according to the release.

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