A new trial date for senior immigration officer Jeannie Lewis has been set for Nov. 22.

The defendant was charged following a pre-dawn raid at her residence on Aug. 25, 2016, when four other people were also arrested. She pleaded not guilty in December and her trial was set for June 15. The trial could not go ahead on that day and the matter was mentioned twice more before the November date was agreed last week.

Lewis is charged with permitting a premises to be used for consumption of a controlled drug and knowingly assisting a person to land illegally in the Cayman Islands.

Defense attorney Richard Barton told Magistrate Grace Donalds that he was still awaiting CCTV footage to be disclosed.

Mr. Barton expressed concern about the illegal landing charge because the illegal lander “has been made to leave the jurisdiction,” but he said the illegal lander’s testimony had exonerated Lewis.

Anthony Bullard pleaded guilty to landing (remaining) in Cayman between Aug. 1 and Aug. 25, 2016. He pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 30 days’ imprisonment and deported.

Mr. Barton also let the court know that he was taking issue with the charge of permitting a premises to be used for drug consumption, asserting that this provision required knowledge on the part of the accused.

He said he was letting the court know his position at this time so that there would be “no surprises” at trial.