A Cayman Brac great-grandmother was given a special gift on her 85th birthday – a trip to church and lunch with her family.

“I went to church for the first time in years, because I could walk with assistance … I felt good knowing that I was back in my church … thank God, it was really good and I enjoyed it,” said Naomi Walton, speaking by phone to the Cayman Compass from her home in Spot Bay, Cayman Brac, on Tuesday.

Fondly known by many as Na Na, Ms. Walton celebrated her birthday on Thursday, Aug. 3. It was also a very special day for her granddaughter Julianne, who shares a birthday with her grandmother.

“We could not have spent a more rewarding day than to take my mother to worship together at her Church, the Bethel Baptist Church in Spot Bay, and followed by a family luncheon at my house,” said her daughter Annie Rose Scott.

According to Ms. Scott, the family rented a special needs vehicle and, with the use of a wheelchair, they were able to get her mother, who is partially bedridden, to church.

“They did … everything nice, I was very glad and happy for everyone helping me to enjoy the day. I went to church and they had a lovely dinner for me at Annie Rose’s house,” Ms. Walton said.

Bobbie Turner, 84, wife of Pastor Russell Turner, 87, who has known Ms. Walton for 48 years, said it was a blessing to have her at church Sunday.

Naomi Walton poses with her 85th birthday cake with her granddaughters Olivia and Julianne.

“Before the pastor preached his sermon, he recognized Ms. Walton … she is a member of the church and she loves the Lord … everyone was glad to have her in church,” Ms. Turner said.

Ms. Walton has three children, Raymond, Leasa and Annie Rose, and lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her husband Matthew passed away some years ago.

Ms. Walton worked at a Cayman Brac day care center for 18 years before being involved in a car accident, after which she could no longer do manual work.

Growing up in Cayman Brac, Ms. Walton said that, unlike on Grand Cayman, there was not much food and goods available, but everyone managed.

“We would bake lots of heavy cakes and I would also do hairdressing … we had to eat whatever we could get those times and what was available,” Ms. Walton said.

“I thank God for bringing me safe and for helping me … I never cease to praise him,” she said.

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