This Image of Blossom Village, downtown Little Cayman, goes back to 1974, when approximately 25 people lived on the island. There were but a few weekly flights via an old DC-3 aircraft.

This photographer remembers stopping by “WeOne,” a tiny grocery store owned by Douglas Chisholm. He stocked some canned items, fish hooks, sugar, flour and candy. On the shelf, there was a sign that read “Special Sale – Four Cans for $1.”

The cans were without labels – bugs and rust had worn off any information of what might be inside. When I asked Mr. Chisholm what the cans contained he responded by saying, “What do you expect for $1?”

Curiosity got the best of me so I purchased four cans. They contained condensed milk and pork n’ beans.

At the time, Aulbury Keener, a retired businessman from Tyler, Texas, dove a blue convertible El Dorado Cadillac, one of the few vehicles on the island.

This image is from the book ‘The People Time Forgot.’ All proceeds from the book sales go toward National Museum projects.

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