Cayman Brac police are investigating a report of property damage filed Saturday by artist Ronald “Foots” Kynes, alleging vandalism against his artwork.

Mr. Kynes found two cement sculptures, “LGBT” and “Eva in Eve,” smashed Saturday morning on his property on South Side Road West. He had last visited the lot Friday evening.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said the sculptures were found “lying on the ground and damaged” but did not characterize the incident as vandalism.

Due to the weight of the sculptures, Mr. Kynes suspects more than one person pushed over the works, which he estimates weigh around 3,000 pounds each.

The sculptures have been at the center of public controversy for their depictions of lesbian and religious iconography. Mr. Kynes was arrested on July 18 for alleged “obscene publications” after refusing to comply with police orders to remove the works from public view. He has not been charged and remains on police bail until Sept. 6.

Police described the South Side Road West property as a vacant lot. Mr. Kynes said the lot is a property he bought in 2007, and he has displayed his work there since 2013.

He said at least 13 pieces of art are displayed at the site now, including signs criticizing law enforcement, government and locals who have pushed back against his work.

The damaged sculptures had been displayed on the property for three months, he added.

The legal designation of the South Side Road West property has been in question for years. Mr. Kynes said there were no stipulations placed on the property when he bought it. Afterward, he said, he was informed the property was considered “land for public purposes,” imposing limits on how the lot could be used.

After Mr. Kynes’s arrest last month, police incorrectly identified the property as “public space.” A correction later clarified that Mr. Kynes’s art is displayed “on his property that is in plain view of the public.”

Police ask anyone with information on the incident to call the Cayman Brac Police Station at 948-0331 or the confidential tip line at 949-7777.


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