‘Junior’ the baby parrot joins parents in Turtle Centre exhibit

A baby parrot has joined its parents at an exhibit at the Cayman Turtle Centre’s aviary.

The parrot, which has temporarily been named “Junior” until its gender can be determined, was born in June to Sweetpea and Leo, a pair of Cayman parrots.

On Aug. 2 the chick flew out of the nest box and joined its parents in the exhibit, “much to the delight and intrigue of our park guests visiting the aviary,” said Geddes Hislop, curator of the terrestrial exhibits and education programs at the center.

He said that aviary staff suspect the chick is female, but they will have to wait a bit longer before confirming that.

“At this equivalent of a toddler stage, Junior will spend a lot of time napping, usually in the broadleaf tree near the parrot nest box. Otherwise it will be busy harassing its parents for food,” he said.

The chick will be on display in the aviary until it is fully weaned and independent, which should occur when the bird is 8–10 months old. At that point, it will be moved to an isolation enclosure to prepare it for release into the wild.

Junior’s sisters, the parrot triplets from the 2016 nesting season, are still in isolation undergoing their pre-release preparations, and should be released into the wild within the next couple of months,” Mr. Hislop said.

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