50 years ago: Welcoming returning travelers and a new teacher

In the Aug. 30, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, “Bodden Town Report” correspondent Floris McCoy wrote:

“We take great pleasure in welcoming to our district Miss Eileen Hydes, recent graduate of Shortwood College, who has taken up teaching responsibilities here. She is a stranger in Bodden Town and, after talking to her, I found that she only has a few acquaintances. I feel sure that she has an opportunity to do a great job. As members of the community, let us do our best to make her feel at home and wanted. She is living at the home of Mrs. Lionel Jackson.

“Messrs. Lawrence Powell and Frank Berry returned from sea. They are employees of NBC and we welcome them home.

“Mrs. Willie Wood and her son, teacher Hartwell Wood, returned from Miami. Mrs. Wood is feeling much better.

“Rev. and Mrs. Lewin Williams, Mrs. Harry McCoy, Joy Jackson and Madge Anderson returned from Fort Myers. They had a wonderful time there, were royally treated and thoroughly enjoyed their stay.

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“Visiting Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence is Mrs. Aileen Bonner from Chester, Pennsylvania. She is a long-time friend of the Lawrences. Mrs. Bonner is a lovely person and enjoys the island very much. We extend to her a very warm welcome to Bodden Town.

“Returning to the island from Spanish Honduras is Hanna Carter, with her mother Mrs. Carl Carter. Hanna as usual has returned to attend school. She will be attending the Sec. Grammar School. Mrs. Carter returned to Honduras on Friday.

“Mrs. Ed Bodden, relative of Mr. and Mrs. James Miller, has returned to the island. She comes from Tampa but is presently from Cayman Brac, where she visited relatives and friends. We welcome her back home.

“Leaving Bodden Town this week is Nurse Solomon, to go back to school in Jamaica. We wish her a successful term.

“Miss Hope Barnes left for New York. She will be visiting relatives and friends. We wish her an enjoyable stay.

“Mr. and Mrs. Donald Armstrong and daughter returned home. They were accompanied by their friends Mr. Gray and son, spending a few days here in Bodden Town.

“Mr. Melbourne McField returned home from sea.

“Miss Pearl Carter left for Costa Rica. She is chaperone to Glenn McLean, head boy at the Sec. Modern School, who won a trip there because of his accomplishments during Education Week.”

“Early last week, the mosquitoes were beyond control in Bodden Town. We were beginning to wonder if we were completely rubbed from the map of Cayman! After using much Black Flag, firewood and sprays, they were still very unbearable. However, since Wednesday, the Mosquito Control Unit has been doing some spraying. This has helped tremendously and we express our thanks.”

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