The Marriott ballroom will be transformed into a girl's dream room.

When we become adults, there are childish things we must put behind us … or are there? Who remembers slumber parties, also known as sleepovers, when a bunch of girlfriends would descend on one (un)lucky parent’s house and spend the night playing games and chatting into the wee hours?

On Sept. 30, DMS Broadcasting is inviting you to be a part of Cayman’s first Adult Slumber Party and Breast Cancer Fundraiser, ushering in October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You can leave your cocktail dress and heels at home, ‘cos this is all about the eye masks, nightdresses, pajamas and fuzzy slippers – the fuzzier, the better. It’s the ultimate girls’ night in where you can catch up with friends, shoot the breeze, maybe share some juicy gossip and have a ball.

Speaking of balls, the whole event will be held in the Marriott Ballroom, transformed into every girl’s dream with fairy lights, cozy pillow-filled conversation canopies and more.

Don’t worry about staggering up the stairs with armfuls of Monopoly and Boggle – activities have already been curated for you. The night will be jam-packed with things to do. There will be a pamper corner, featuring makeup artists from TIGI, a nail station and hair stylists. Pull up a cushion to watch your favorite chick-flicks, dance to live music or hang out in the games corner.

What would an adult slumber party be without a bar? There will be a cash bar on site and thousands of dollars’-worth of prizes to win, all in the name of breast cancer research.

Snacks will be set up throughout the ballroom and will include a Cadbury chocolate fountain, an ice-cream bar, popcorn, a pizza station and cotton-candy. Make sure the waistband on those pajamas is elasticated …

Wear your pajamas and any other evening accessories that fit the theme.

It all sounds like it will add up to a great night out – there are just a couple of things to remember:

  1. You cannot sleep over in the ballroom, but the Marriott is offering a special rate for residents that night – $112 including taxes and fees. Just take your proof of residency with you.
  2. Check and double-check the date, as you don’t want to show up at the hotel in pajamas on the wrong night.

Tickets are $55 at DMS Broadcasting (38 Godfrey Nixon Way) with proceeds to support the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens Breast Cancer Foundation. The event runs from 8 p.m. to midnight at the Marriott Beach Resort. Tickets include a welcome cocktail, late night snacks and a favor bag.

What could be more fun than an adult slumber party?


  1. The breast cancer awareness have become a multibillion dollar industry with a huge carbon imprint. All the junk they produce, sell and then throw away! Just think about it for a moment and refuse to participate in this almost like a “celebration” collective madness.

    The number one cause of death for women in the U.S. is heart disease.

    Women’s Heart disease is still unimportant to media. Women are more likely than men to develop small vessel disease (CMVD), a condition where blockages occur in the tiny vessels within the heart muscle rather than in the large, surface arteries. women who have classic angina [heart-related chest pain], but their major coronary arteries look normal are told it’s not their heart. Men with heart related complains start receiving medical intervention while still in an ambulance. Paramedics and doctors take women’s complains less seriously. Even Cayman Health City focuses on the “male” type of heart disease. As far as I know, they have no specific diagnostic equipment to diagnose CMVD. However they are planning on having one.

    By the way, violet has the highest frequency and the shortest wavelength of the visible colors of light. Pink has the lowest. What does that mean? “…mice exposed to pink light developed cancers 3 months earlier than those exposed to daylight filtered through ordinary window glass, and had had only 2 offsprings instead of normal 6-15 offspring….”……mink exposed to natural daylight through a deep pink glass became increasingly aggressive, difficult to manage and in many instances actually vicious.”

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