The Central Planning Authority has granted outline approval for the Howard Hospitality Group’s proposed $300 million Pageant Beach hotel, according to minutes from the body’s Sept. 27 meeting.

HHG will have to receive final approval before it can break ground on the project – two 10-floor towers with roughly 450 rooms and various amenities at the southern tip of Seven Mile Beach.

If approved, the development would be the largest hotel on Grand Cayman.

However, nearby residents have raised a number of objections, including complaints about potential noise and the fact that no environmental impact assessment or traffic studies have been conducted.

HHG Chairman Howard Sitzer said at last week’s meeting that he had taken residents’ concerns into account. A Planning Authority board member proposed that residents meet with developers to hash out those concerns before the next meeting, which hasn’t been scheduled yet.


  1. Well so much for having a public hearing. It’s ironic that its called a “hearing” when the Board obviously doesn’t hear anything but the sound of cash registers going off. Also, Mr. Sitzer’s assurances about taking things into consideration are basically worthless since he’s obviously saying that just to placate some of the adjacent home owners. My humble recommendation for the home owners is to sell your property as fast as you can before the bottom drops out of the value. Also, noise during construction is just one issue that should concern them, how about garbage smells, prying eyes of guests looking down on their condos (no privacy), delivery trucks going in and out all day, cars going in and out of parking causing noise and exhaust pollution, the resort block the sunshine ad infinitum. You can’t stop progress I suppose so they better get used to a huge change, so long peaceful life.

  2. Just imagine how much faster the Dump would be growing with each new development. It is impossible to understand how any new development could be approved before waste management and the Dump problems are solved. Not mitigated, but solved! Before roads not only brought up to date, but accommodated to future growth.

    What also puzzles me is that how people could be so blind to ignore the hazards of the Dump and continue living, purchasing property and vacationing in the vicinity of the extremely toxic Dump? Covering your eyes and noses would protect your mind, but won’t protect you body, for each cell in it is being affected by the toxic waste 24×7. Every blade of grass, every leaf on a each tree, every insect, bird and animal in Grand Cayman as well as fish in sea are affected. You just prefer not to think about it in your multimillion luxurious property in the middle of The cancer sore, hoping you are invincible. But what about your children? Everything that affects you has 10 times stronger effect on them due to their small size and being closer to the ground.

  3. Ray , you have some very valid points that Central Planning Authority should be thinking about before the Law suites start coming in, and they will once that monstrous building being built .

    • Thank you for saying that. Your point about the building being “monstrous” is also a good one. We also have to consider that evidently this developer has thus far poorly executed their other projects on the island so how can we have faith they’ll know what they are doing in regards to this large project. Cutting corners, using poor construction materials, importing shoddy furniture from China etc. might be sufficient for the TI renovation but wouldn’t even be close to building a structure of this magnitude. The final issue is that the developer really doesn’t have any experience whatsoever in building anything since both of their other projects are renovation jobs and their off island experience has been nothing more than real estate management of very common shopping centers.

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