Arek Ebanks, a Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing inspector who crashed a car he was checking, pleaded guilty to careless driving Monday and was sentenced to a $250 fine or one month’s imprisonment.

Ebanks was charged with unlawfully driving a Toyota Supra on Crewe Road without due care and attention in July 2016. He had taken the car onto the road during an inspection but ended up in a one-vehicle accident before returning to the DVDL.

Crown counsel Stacy-Ann Kelly told Acting Magistrate Grace Donalds that Ebanks  claimed his shoe got caught, causing him to accelerate and lose control of the car. He hit a light pole, causing a bulb to fall and strike another vehicle.

Ms. Kelly said Ebanks had already made restitution to the driver of the other car.

The magistrate sentenced Ebanks, who was not represented by defense counsel, to a $250 fine, giving a month to pay it. The inspector’s driver’s license was also endorsed as part of his sentence. Three endorsements in three years makes a driver liable to disqualification.

The DVDL, in an internal review, found that Ebanks had not breached his civil service code of conduct. He was temporarily placed on “desk duties” during the review and subsequently returned to his role as a vehicle examiner.

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