Man who behaved indecently was upset, attorney says

Defendant’s right to be Caymanian had been challenged

A man who pleaded guilty to indecent assault and weapons charges was upset at the time of his offenses because his right to be Caymanian had been challenged, defense attorney Dennis Brady said in court last week.

This week, Mr. Brady confirmed that the status of the defendant, Alex Kessell Johnson Moore, still was not sorted out. When his offenses occurred in April, Moore was upset and concerned not only for himself, but also for other family members, the attorney explained.

Cayman Compass archives for April 2015 contain a story about Moore and his brothers pleading not guilty to charges of making a false statement in their “right to be Caymanian” applications on the grounds of descent. Mr. Brady said the matter had not yet proceeded to trial. The charges to which Moore pleaded guilty arose from a series of incidents at the Meringue Town Bar in the early hours of April 22, 2017, Crown counsel Darlene Oko told the court.

Several women were dancing together and Moore asked for a dance but they refused. He then approached one of them and slapped her bottom. This upset her, but she was encouraged to let the matter go. About a half-hour later Moore returned and slapped another woman on her bottom. This time the group remonstrated him and he walked away.

Later, one of the women was dancing with her husband and she felt someone rubbing her bottom. She turned around and saw Moore, who then firmly grabbed her. The woman complained to her husband, who followed Moore out into the parking lot. He asked why Moore had touched his wife and Moore responded by hitting him in the face with his fist. The men began fighting and Moore pulled out a knife, which he flicked open.

The husband went back into the bar and Moore followed but could not find him. He then went to his car and got a machete, returning to the bar with it and still looking for the husband.

When police arrived, officers told Moore to drop the machete. He refused and walked toward the officers with it. One of the officers deployed his Taser and Moore fell to the ground, dropping both the knife and the machete.

Later he said he had drunk six or seven beers, but he denied being drunk. Mr. Brady said Moore apologized to everyone for his behavior.

Magistrate Grace Donalds imposed concurrent sentences of four months for each of the indecent assaults; four months concurrent for the flick knife, which is a prohibited weapon; three months concurrent for the machete, which is a restricted weapon, meaning it is legal to have it but not carry it in public places at night.

The magistrate noted that these offenses were committed while Moore was on a suspended sentence for theft. It had been imposed in August 2016 for two years. She therefore activated two months of that sentence and gave Moore a total of six months’ imprisonment.

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