Inquest into cyclist’s death opens

A coroner’s inquest into the death of Rhonda Azan, a cyclist who was struck by an oncoming vehicle in 2015, began on Wednesday afternoon in coroner’s court.

The accident, which occurred on Shamrock Road, took place at 6:31 p.m. on Oct. 2, 2015. Ms. Azan was pronounced dead at the Cayman Islands Hospital 57 minutes later.

The final autopsy report states that Ms. Azan was riding westward in the center of the eastbound lane of Shamrock Road when she collided with an eastbound Ford F-250 truck.

Ms. Azan, 51, suffered blunt impact trauma to her head, chest and extremities, the coroner’s court heard. Pathologist Shravana Jyoti testified Wednesday and said that in his opinion, three of the injuries sustained by Ms. Azan could have resulted in her death.

One witness testified Wednesday that she observed Ms. Azan riding in the middle of the eastbound lane shortly before she was struck by the oncoming vehicle. The witness said that Ms. Azan flew in the air after being struck and landed on a wall before impacting the ground.

Two police officers and a crime scene reconstructionist are expected to testify Thursday morning, and Queen’s Coroner Eileen Nervik said that testimony could continue into Friday afternoon before the inquest is concluded.

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