Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Patrick Moran concluded his case on Tuesday against five people on charges arising from an incident outside Fete Night Club in which two men were assaulted and one of them shot in the early hours of Feb. 4 this year.

The prosecution’s final witness was the investigating officer, who presented interviews with defendants Malik Mothen, his wife Tashika Mothen, Daniella Tibbetts, Kashwayne Hewitt and Leshawn Forrester.

Hewitt, 21, is charged along with Malik and Tashika Mothen with attempting unlawfully to cause the death of Carlney Campbell; and, with the Mothens and Leshawn Forrester, causing grievous bodily harm to Mr. Campbell.

He is further charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm with both Mothens in the vicinity of the nightclub on Feb. 4; and possession of an unlicensed firearm with Daniella Tibbetts in West Bay on Feb. 10.

The jury has heard that two spent .45 caliber cartridge cases were found at the scene of the shooting. The cases were examined by a ballistics expert, who concluded that they had been fired from the Colt .45 handgun found at Tibbetts’s residence six days later.

Police went to Tibbetts’s home on Feb. 10 because she was wanted for questioning in connection with the incident. When told she was being arrested for assault, she replied, “I don’t know anything about that.” Hewitt was there and he left.

Officers subsequently searched the apartment and found a Colt .45 handgun in the cistern of the bathroom toilet.

Hewitt was found and arrested that same morning. When cautioned, he said he had found the firearm in the front yard of the apartment.

In a detailed interview, he said that when he went with Tibbetts to the apartment the previous night, he had seen “some guys” who ran when they drove up. He heard something drop – it was iron and fell on concrete. He went and picked it up. It was a gun, which he put in the front of his pants, and Tibbetts never saw it.

Hewitt said he put the gun in the toilet but he did not know why.

Asked why he picked it up, he said so it would not go in the wrong person’s hands. He said he put it in the cistern and was going to call police in the morning. When police came to the apartment, he did not tell them because he was nervous that they would lock him up because he had found a gun.

Hewitt told officers he did not say anything to Tibbetts about the gun and never tried to use it. He said he did not shoot Mr. Campbell and did not see who did.

Hewitt later gave two more interviews in which he provided different accounts as to how he came in contact with the gun on Feb. 4.

Tibbetts was also interviewed. She said she was never involved in the incident at the nightclub. She admitted hearing the shots. She said she did not have anything to do with the gun in the toilet and did not see Hewitt have it.

She said there had been a group of guys next door when she and Hewitt drove up to the apartment. She did not know any of their names and answered “No” when asked if any of them had run off.

In response to other questions, she stated that she did not assault Mr. Campbell, she did not shoot him and she did not even know him. “I don’t even know why I am here,” she said.

Leshawn Forrester gave a “no comment” interview.

After the Crown completed its case, Justice Roger Chapple told the jurors it had been indicated to him that there would be legal submissions at this stage. He excused them until Thursday morning.

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