The Old Man Bay Play Field will have a new name as of Saturday evening.

With a brief unveiling ceremony followed by a festive program and full-course dinner, the sports facility will be known as the Ronald Forbes Play Field in tribute to the Olympic hurdler who grew up in North Side.

Organizers are inviting everyone across the island to attend because they believe that Mr. Forbes is a hero to all of Cayman, not just his home district. His hard work and perseverance earned him the right to compete in events around the world, including the Olympics in China, England and, most recently, Brazil, where he was Cayman’s flag bearer in the Parade of Nations seen by millions of people.

Saturday’s gathering is at the field from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., with the unveiling of the new signage scheduled to take place before sunset.

Then the action will move to a tent at midfield where there will be speeches, entertainment and a buffet featuring seasonal and traditional dishes.

Members of the North Side District Council executive committee met Thursday night with residents who have undertaken responsibility for the many tasks that need doing in preparation for a project like this. Officers, led by chairwoman Debra Broderick, have committed themselves to restoring community spirit. In response, reports at the meeting indicated a genuine enthusiasm for the renaming as an opportunity to bring people together while acknowledging the achievements of one of their own.

The Old Man Bay Play Field in North Side will be renamed Saturday to honor Olympic hurdler Ronald Forbes. – Photo: Carol Winker

Volunteers, donors and sponsors are joining forces to make this event a reality, enabling the council to invite everyone to attend and participate at no charge.

The play field was originally opened by then-Minister for Sports Juliana O’Connor-Connolly in April 2000. After the destruction caused by Hurricane Ivan, the facility had to be completely refurbished. It was re-opened by then-Minister for Sports Alden McLaughlin in April 2009.

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