Former government minister Mike Adam charged with assault

Pleads not guilty, trial set for March

Mike Adam

Former government minister Mike Adam appeared in Summary Court Tuesday charged with common assault.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats noted that Crown counsel Kenneth Ferguson had handed papers disclosing the Crown’s case to defense attorney Waide DaCosta. The magistrate asked if he should set another date for mention of the matter.

“Let’s not waste time. Not guilty,” Mr. DaCosta replied.

The charge was then put to the defendant – that on June 27, 2017, at King Road in West Bay, he assaulted a named male.

The defendant replied, “Not guilty.”

The Register of Electors shows him to be a resident of King Road.

No other details of the case were specified in the charge and none was referred to in court.

Since summary trials now require the completion of a case management form, the magistrate asked what the issue was.

Mr. DaCosta said it was provocation and self-defense.

The attorney noted that the Crown had listed five witnesses, including the defendant and his wife. “It’s incredible that they would call my client as a witness against himself,” Mr. DaCosta commented.

The magistrate scheduled the trial for March 13, 2018.

Michael Thomas Adam, as he is listed on the cause list, was elected in 2009 as a MLA for George Town and served as minister for community affairs, gender and housing. In the 2013 election, when George Town still had six representatives, he placed seventh.

This year, with the new system of single-member constituencies, he placed second in George Town South.

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