Prospect wins CERT challenge

The Prospect Community Emergency Response Team won first place in the annual CERT Challenge, sponsored by Hazard Management Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands Red Cross.

Prospect CERT’s award was $6,000 for a Siren system for the community. In second place, West Bay CERT won $3,000 toward equipment and the setting up of a CERT headquarters, while North Sound Garden came in third place with funds going toward a wheelchair ramp and community equipment.

The annual challenge took on a different format this year. CERTs were required to identify the vulnerabilities and capacities in their own communities, look at the risks, meet with key stakeholders and determine ways they could build community capacity and resilience. They were also asked to present three potential mitigation projects that they would like to see happen in their community within a specific budget.

Each team was given 20 minutes to pitch their ideas to the panel, followed by a 10 minute question and answer session. The panel consisted of Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, HMCI Director McCleary Frederick and Red Cross Director Jondo Obi, who were tasked with adjudicating the various proposals.

“It was a difficult task, as all teams had put considerable time and effort into their presentations and we were impressed with the level of commitment demonstrated by CERT members” said Mr. Frederick.

All funds will be spent over an agreed period of time with appropriate monitoring and oversight provided by HMCI and Red Cross.

For more information, contact HMCI Deputy Director Danielle Coleman at 244-3143.

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