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March roll-out planned for emergency notification system

Phase two of Cayman’s National Emergency Notification System is expected to be launched within the next two months, according to Hazard Management Cayman Islands Director Danielle Coleman.

Tropical wave puts Cayman on alert

Cayman Islands residents should monitor the progress of an active tropical wave currently located over the central Caribbean Sea, advised Hazard Management Cayman Islands on Monday.

Cayman Regiment reservists showcase skills

Reservists with the Cayman Regiment reservists put their training to the test this week as they ran through a mock hurricane exercise, together with aerial support from the RCIPS Air Operations Unit.

108 days: Inside Cayman’s COVID-19 response

The National Emergency Operation Centre has been the central organ coordinating Cayman’s COVID-19 response for 108 days and has since been deactivated. The Cayman Compass takes a look inside the operations of the entity behind the response.

Hurricane COVID: Cayman prepares for a storm season like no other

With the 1 June start of hurricane season just two weeks away, emergency planners must grapple with a potentially active storm season, combined with the complications of COVID-19. For government, this prospect is a source of anxiety but also a call to action.

Emergency hospitals established for pandemic response

Two emergency field hospitals will serve for patient overflow in Grand Cayman, in the case that COVID-19 cases stretch capacity at local hospitals. The hope is that Cayman will never need to use the facilities, said Hazard Management Director Danielle Coleman, but the aim is to prepare for worst.

Small earthquake felt in Grand Cayman

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded Sunday southeast of Grand Cayman at 1:35pm. Hazard Management Cayman Islands wrote that it had received reports of small earthquake tremors and more information would follow.
Shipping containers at Port Authority

Updated: Government urges public not to panic buy

To dispel rumours of supply shortages, Hazard Management Cayman Islands has confirmed that freight ships carrying food supplies and household products continue to arrive on island as normal.

Cayman opens emergency operations centre amid virus fears

Cayman has activated its National Emergency Operations Centre in response to the coronavirus threat, the government announced Tuesday evening.

Updated: 4.4 earthquake shakes Cayman

Grand Cayman was rattled by a magnitude 4.4 earthquake on Wednesday evening, which was reportedly felt by residents from the eastern districts to West Bay.

Residents urged to stay vigilant after quake

Hazard Management CI officials have urged Cayman Island residents to prepare accordingly for aftershocks.

Hazard Management prepared for disaster

We at Hazard Management Cayman Islands would like to draw residents’ attention to the National Hazard Management Plan, which is located on the website...

Emergency-alerts upgrade moves to second phase

Government has started its second phase of upgrades to Cayman’s National Emergency Notification System, which includes creating a mobile app for national alerts.

Magnitude 5 earthquake shakes up Cayman

A magnitude 5 earthquake rocked Cayman in the early hours of Monday morning. Residents from East End to George Town and West Bay reported feeling...

After Dorian, could we be next?

The onslaught of disastrous storms to hit the region in the last few years aligns with the hypothesis of climate scientists that warming oceans are likely to fuel more destructive hurricanes.

Stronger, slower storms linked to climate change

While the link between climate change and hurricane intensity is not yet ‘settled science’, weather experts say there is evidence that the phenomenon will lead to stronger, slower storms in future.

Test emergency radio broadcasts begin this week

Listeners to Cayman’s radio stations will hear interruptions to their usual programmes over three days in the coming week as the islands’ National Emergency Notification System is tested.

Update: Tropical Storm Dorian poses no threat to Cayman

A tropical depression nearing the Caribbean is forecast to reach hurricane status in coming days. The storm currently poses no threat to the Cayman Islands.

Joint UK/Cayman hurricane exercise

Simulating a response to a major hurricane strike on Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, teams from the Governor’s Office, Hazard Management Cayman Islands, the Royal Cayman Islnds Police Service, 911 and the Government Communications Service took part this week in a joint training exercise with counterparts from the UK and the British High Commission in Kingston.

Annual hurricane exercise to be held this month

Cayman will test its National Hurricane Plan later this month with an exercise dubbed ‘Hurricane Kali’.

Hurricane shelter volunteers sought

Hurricane shelter operators are looking for 100 volunteers to help man the sites in the event of major storms in the upcoming hurricane season, which begins on June 1.

Hazard Management stages tsunami drill

What would happen if a gigantic wave was barrelling toward Grand Cayman and there were only two hours to prepare for its arrival? Hazard Management Cayman Islands tackled that scenario on Thursday, when it participated in the regional Caribe Wave Tsunami Exercise.

Cayman officials meet to craft earthquake plan

Cayman’s earthquake preparedness took a step forward Monday, when representatives of public and private agencies met with foreign experts on disaster management.
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Government agencies receive mass-casualty training

About 40 people in Grand Cayman are receiving training in mass-casualty management and incident command systems this week, according to Hazard Management Cayman Islands.

Tropical Storm Kirk expected to weaken by weekend

There’s a newly invigorated storm on the horizon, but analysts do not expect it to threaten Cayman.

New study shows slower moving hurricanes more dangerous

A new scientific study shows that tropical cyclones are moving more slowly than in years past.

Brac emergency response team set up

Cayman Brac now has its own Community Emergency Response Team.

Mock casualty exercise helps prepare Cayman for disasters

Cayman’s emergency services held a mock mass casualty exercise at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex Friday night – the culmination of a week of disaster preparation work with Hazard Management Cayman Islands and the Pan American Health Organization.

Hurricane shelter volunteers wanted

The Department of Children and Family Services and Hazard Management Cayman Islands are inviting people to sign up as hurricane shelter volunteers for the 2018 hurricane season.

Agency tests tsunami response with drill

Officials with Hazard Management Cayman Islands prepared for a tsunami on Thursday, generated by a magnitude 8.1 earthquake off the coast of Columbia at 9 a.m. Both the quake and the resultant wave were imaginary. This was only a drill.
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Cayman to participate in regional tsunami-response exercise

The Cayman Islands will participate in a regionwide tsunami response exercise on Thursday, according to an announcement from Hazard Management Cayman Islands.
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Community Emergency Response training begins on Cayman Brac

The next session of Cayman Brac Community Emergency Response Team training will begin on March 19, and registration is now open.

Cayman working with UK on developing hazmat response

Hazard Management Cayman Islands is developing a plan for dealing with hazardous materials in the territory, the government announced on Friday.

MAIL CALL: Tsunami scare

If you didn't feel the Jan. 9 quake, you certainly heard about it. Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen shares reactions from readers about the tsunami scare, disaster response and safety on the islands.

Earthquake sparks tsunami scare

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Honduras Tuesday night triggered a tsunami scare that impacted the Cayman Islands and raised new questions about the islands’ emergency alert capability.
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Prospect wins CERT challenge

The Prospect Community Emergency Response Team won first place in the annual CERT Challenge, sponsored by Hazard Management Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands Red Cross.

Hazard Management director McCleary Frederick retires

Hazard Management Cayman Islands Director McCleary Frederick is retiring after 36 years in civil service. Mr. Frederick began his work for the Cayman Islands Government in 1981 as a trainee draftsman for the Public Works Department.

Hazard Management official returns from BVI, predicts ‘long road’ to recovery

Following a month spent helping restore basic services to the hurricane-ravaged British Virgin Islands, Danielle Coleman of Hazard Management Cayman Islands says full recovery is likely to take more than a year.

Red Cross delivers risk reduction lessons

Right in the thick of hurricane season, the Cayman Islands Red Cross and Hazard Management Cayman Islands took some time to meet with students and teach them how to lessen their risk of being impacted by a natural disaster.

Cayman delivers aid to TCI: ‘This trip was about helping neighbors’

Hurricane relief efforts are slowly moving from response to recovery in British Overseas Territories battered by an active storm season, according to Cayman Islands aid workers.

Cayman sends second relief flight to Anguilla

The second relief mission from Cayman to Anguilla took off on Tuesday, bringing medical professionals and vitally needed supplies to one of the islands directly affected by Hurricane Irma.

British Virgin Islands gets disaster management help from Cayman

Hazard Management Cayman Islands has sent Danielle Coleman, the agency’s deputy director of preparedness and planning, to the British Virgin Islands to assist with aid efforts. Ms. Coleman will assist the BVI Red Cross and BVI Department of Disaster Management in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Firefighters train for search and rescue with British Royal Navy

Firefighters received training from the British Royal Navy this weekend in operating and handling a new boat and WaveRunners in search and rescue operations around Grand Cayman.

Smooth landing for Navy response team

Military trucks rolled onto the white sands of Seven Mile Beach on Friday as police and Royal Navy helicopters hovered overhead in a show of strength from the British disaster response team currently operating in the Caribbean.
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Local groups team with regional body on disaster management

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, Hazard Management Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association are teaming up with Caribbean-Central American Action to develop disaster recovery plans. The groups signed a “statement of purpose” late last month “to make sure that the local community is more prepared for any storm-related natural disaster,” according to a press release from the Chamber of Commerce.

Hazard Management chief receives award

Hazard Management Cayman Islands Director McCleary Frederick was named the first international recipient of the Governor’s Hurricane Conference Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to disaster preparedness and recovery.

Hurricane exercise: ‘Practice is always good’

Call it the plan before the storm. Various agencies of the Cayman Islands government came together Wednesday to conduct the annual hurricane exercise, a drill to ensure that everybody is prepared for their role in confronting a major storm.
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Tsunami response exercise on Tuesday in Cayman

Hazard Management Cayman Islands reminds the public that they will receive text messages during a tsunami response exercise on Tuesday, March 21.
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Cayman to hold tsunami response exercise this month

The Cayman Islands will join a Caribbean-wide tsunami exercise, called Caribe Wave, on Tuesday, March 21, when every cellphone owner in Cayman will receive an “emergency” text message.

Bill allows government to commandeer airwaves during disasters

Emergency public bulletins broadcast just before or after a natural disaster, serious public health threat or during a significant man-made disaster would have to be issued by all local broadcast license-holders, according to new legislation seeking to govern Cayman’s disaster management.

Volunteers practice disaster response

Dozens of volunteers clad in light-blue vests practiced putting out fires, search-and-rescue techniques and treating “wounded” patients Saturday morning at the Lower Valley agriculture grounds.

Cayman preps for hurricane season

The National Emergency Operations Centre ran its annual hurricane exercise Wednesday to test the preparedness of those that will be in charge of emergency response in the event that a storm hits the Cayman Islands.

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