A magnitude 5 earthquake rocked Cayman in the early hours of Monday morning.

Residents from East End to George Town and West Bay reported feeling the tremor that the United States Geological Survey said occurred at 1:12am.

The USGS said the earthquake’s epicentre was around 47 miles east-southeast of East End at a reported depth of 6.2 miles.

No tsunami alert was issued.

Residents took to Facebook and other social media platforms to report feeling the tremor.
Simon Boxall, Acting Deputy Director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands, said there were no reports of any damage.

He said HMCI was aware that several people felt the tremor.
Boxall said aftershocks could be possible following a strong earthquake.

“The [magnitude] 5 earthquake early this morning [Monday] was not a large event,” Boxall said. “Following an event, the likelihood of another earthquake occurring relatively shortly afterwards is more likely.”

The USGS said Cuba and Honduras were also affected by the earthquake.

An HMCI and Department of Public Safety and Communication statement said no emergency alerts were issued following the earthquake.

It said the threshold required to issue an immediate public notification has to include at least three ‘felt reports’, a report of damage to a structure, or an earthquake measuring 6 or above in the region. Monday’s earthquake, it said, did not meet the threshold as only one felt report was received.

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