The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is stepping up activity to address the increase in drunken driving around the holidays.

“We will intensify our traffic operations as the season continues,” Acting Chief Inspector Everton Spence said in a news release.

As they have in past years, officers will be conducting high visibility patrols and traffic stops across the islands with the aim of cracking down on drunk driving and other traffic offenses. The increased effort during December has been dubbed Operation Winter Guardian.

Police spokesman Mikhail Campbell said so far in December, 23 people have been arrested for DUI. The most arrested in any single month in 2017 was in March, with 29.

Police officials said they have made 31 arrests in the past 10 days as a result of the effort. More than half of those, 18, involved suspicion of driving under the influence. Other arrests were for insurance, registration and license violations, along with multiple arrests for leaving the scene of an accident.

Officials said they are concerned about the degree of intoxication observed among those arrested. Four of the 18 people arrested for DUI had blood-alcohol levels that were more than twice the legal limit of 0.1 percent. Two were measured at .241 percent and .249 percent.

Mr. Spence said it is up to drivers to use good judgment.

“I want to urge those who have been irresponsible in their driving to change their behavior before they lose their license for a year,” he said, “or worse, have a serious accident with lifelong consequences.

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